Holistic Dog Care for Flea Prevention


Animal lovers are often vigilant in many areas of dog care: administering wholesome natural foods, providing excellent exercise and attention, and spoiling them with toys and affection. But one nasty little surprise can be hiding in every casual encounter with other pets or even from your own back yard.

Never forget that fears to your lovable pooch's health can be found all around you in those itchy and pesky fleas that are bothersome to both pet and owner. We do not need to go into detail about why fleas are bad since it's easy to guess that disease and discomfort are some big big reasons that these little pests need to stay away from our companions. But what if it's too late and your pet is already scratching his little heart out? Apply some dangerous chemicals? There is good reason to be hesitant to apply a product that warns "do not put in contact with skin" . The good news is that harsh chemicals are not needed to keep our dogs flea free the natural way.

The key to fighting fleas is taking a holistic approach. This means that more than one action is necessary to prevent the risk of infestation. Flea medicines can weak your pup and begin the landslide of "survival of the fittest" where you'll end up with a breed of super-fleas! These pests can be cooked on three fronts: the home, yard, and doggie.

Around the House
Anybody with shedding companions already understands the value of vacuum cleaner hand attachments but may have grown accustomed enough to the minority accents of fur on our possessions and may not use it as much as we need. It's a little known fact that fleas tend to spend most of their time on furniture and only jump on our pets to enjoy a nice feast. Weekly vacuuming of upholstery is a great routine to keep those fleas out of sight and out of mind.

In the Yard
When your buddy starts scratching the culprit may be in your own back yard. When the going gets tough considering fighting fire with fire. And by fire, we mean more insects. Ants love to eat fleas so unless they're a nuisance try not to disturb their ecosystem in your yard. Keeping grass mowed eliminates dark areas for fleas to breed, and there are many organic products that are made of simple repelling minerals but make sure you know what they contain. A little extra effort goes a long way in eliminating the necessity for pesticides and chemical repellents that must be applied to our sensitive companions!

On the Pooch
This is actually the easiest part. There are plenty of naturally flea repelling substances that are so safe you could eat them- literally. Seep lemon with rind in near boiling water overnight and the solution can be sponged onto your companions coat as a fresh smelling sure-fire repellent. Sweet almond oil, lavender, cedar wood, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and citronella are all easily accessible organic essences that may be applied to your pet's material collar every week as an extra preventative measure. Be sure to use 100% all natural essential oils, go organic if can to be sure you're not introducing any synthetic imitations to your delicate buddy!

Patience, diligence, and a little research is all it takes to keep your pooch flea free. These steps should be part of any regular dog care regimen if fleas are common in your area. Steam cleaning carpet could be an annual option during spring when fleas are the most abundant. Do not let your guard down against biting infestations for the sake of your doggie's health.

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