Eighteeth VacStation Extra Oral Suction

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Extra oral dental vacuum system

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VacStation employs 3 levels of filtration followed by UV radiation.


HEPA FILTRATION SYSTEM – H13 level, trap virus and germs = 0.3 µm with 99.97% efficiency.


HIGH-FIBER COTTON FILTER – Aerosol capture and moisture drying.


FIBERGLASS FILTER – Catch dust and spit with 99% efficiency.

ACTIVATED CARBON ????? FILTER – with the function of adsorption, sterilization and filtration.

BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Higher power,longer life,lower noise.

UV LIGHT – UV light inside the unit has an intensity of 1210uw/cm2 and wavelength 280nm, killing viruses and bacterias with high efficiency.


VacStation Extra-oral Dental Suction System has been developed by Eighteeth to reduce the risk associated with airborne particulates and pathogens present in an aerosol spray that is an inherent part of dental care.

NOTE – This device must only be used in hospital environments, clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel.

INDICATION – Used to reduce drill aerosols produced during dental procedures before they spread.

ADVANTAGE – VacStation reduces that risk and purifies the air using a multi-level filtration system and UV light.

Key Specifications

Maximum suction power1500Pa(10 levels adjustment)
HEPA Grade
2 Filters of HEPA 13 Grade (99.97% at 0.3µ MPPS)
Total HEPA Filter Area1281 cm2
UV Light265~285 nm, 2260 µW/cm2
Maximum Suction Volume

3700 Litres/minute (with 10 levels of adjustment)


Brushless DC Motor

Noise level=62db
Arm Length1.5 m (4.92 ft)
Net weight14.2kg



  • 1 x VacStation Extra Oral Suction
  • Direction to Use


    • Please read the manual before use.
    • The VacStation must be placed upright when being used.Laying on the side or upside down is prohibited, because these will cause damage to the machine or shorten its service life.
    • When replacing the filter pay attention to whether the rubber frame is flat, otherwise air leakage will occur and the suction power will be reduced.
    • When using the buckle button, make sure to press the top cover firmly and then fix the buckle button, otherwise the buckle button will be damaged.
    • The main filter is heavy so be careful when replacing it. VacStation is heavy, so be  careful when moving it.
    • When replacing the primary effect filter , it should be noted that the dense side faces the filter, and the sparse side faces the air inlet.


    • The device can capture the virus and bacteria in the air sucked into the device. 
    • Please note that the device cannot be used to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria in the air that doesn?t go through the filters. 
    • The device must not be placed in humid surroundings or anywhere where it can come into contact with any type of liquids. 
    • Do not expose the device to direct or indirect heat sources. The device must be operated and stored in a safe environment.  
    • The device requires special precautions with regard to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and must be installed and operated in strict compliance with the EMC information. 
    • In particular, do not use the device in the vicinity of fluorescent lamps, radio transmitters, remote controls and do not use this system near the active HF Surgical Equipment in the hospital. Portable RF communications equipment (including peripherals such as antenna cables and external antennas) should be used no closer than 30 cm (12 inches) to any part of the VacStation, including cables specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, degradation of the performance of this equipment could result. Do not operate or store at high temperatures. Comply with the specified operating and storage conditions.
    • If irregularities occur in the device during treatment, switch it off. contact the agency.
    • Never open or repair the device yourself, otherwise, void the warranty.

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