ET Dental Bur Sterilizer (Autoclavable)

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Brand: ET Dental

Bur cleaning Box for cleaning and disinfecting the burs.

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  • Made up of durable & environmentally friendly plastic material.
  • Its unique design is very comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry.
  • Resistant to disinfection at high temperatures.
  • An ideal gift for friends dedicated to related jobs.
  • Description

    ET Dental Bur Sterilizer (Autoclavable) is a compact and durable solution for efficiently cleaning and disinfecting burs. With dimensions of approximately 80mm×90mm and blue color, its autoclavable plastic material can withstand temperatures up to 135?. The lightweight and environmentally friendly design makes it easy to carry, while its unique and comfortable layout enhances usability. Crafted for professionals, it excels in the cleaning and disinfection of burs, and maintaining hygiene in medical and dental practices. Resistant to high-temperature disinfection, the box ensures the longevity of both the tool and itself. This thoughtful and practical item serves as an ideal gift for friends dedicated to related professions, combining functionality with a considerate gesture for those in precision-driven fields.

    Key Specifications

  • Autoclavable upto 135?
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Appr. 80mm×90mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: Cleaning & disinfection of the burs
  • Packaging

  • 1 x Bur Sterilizer Box
  • Direction to Use

    Prepare the Bur Sterilizer:

    • Ensure that the sterilizer is clean and free from any debris or contaminants before use.

    Load the Burs:

    • Place the burs inside the sterilizer, arranging them to ensure proper exposure to the cleaning and sterilizing agents.

    Select a Suitable Cleaning Solution:

    • Choose an appropriate cleaning and disinfecting solution compatible with the sterilizer. Follow recommended guidelines for concentration.

    Add the Cleaning Solution:

    • Pour the chosen cleaning solution into the sterilizer, ensuring it covers all the burs effectively.

    Secure the Sterilizer:

    • Close and secure the sterilizer tightly to prevent leakage of the cleaning solution during the sterilization process.

    Autoclaving Process:

    Place the sealed sterilizer in an autoclave, adhering to autoclaving guidelines. Follow the recommended temperature and duration settings for effective sterilization.

    Autoclave Cycle:

    • Start the autoclave cycle, allowing the sterilizer and its contents to undergo specified temperature and pressure conditions for proper sterilization.

    Cooling Period:

    • After the autoclave cycle is complete, allow the sterilizer to cool before handling. Adhere to safety protocols to avoid burns or injuries.

    Remove and Dry Burs:

    • Once the sterilizer has cooled, open it carefully and remove the disinfected burs.

    Store or Use Burs:

    • Store the sterilized burs in a clean, dry environment, ready for use in medical, dental, or other precision applications.

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