Fipronil 40% + Imidacloprid 40% WG


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Dose :100 gm per hectare.
Use / Benefits :This formulation (Fipronil 40 % + Imidacloprid 40% WG)  has two active ingredients, viz; Fipronil primarily acts as an ingestion toxicant with some complimentary contact action and acts by interfering in nerve impulse transmission. Imidacloprid disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to excitation of the nerve cells and consequently a disorder of the nervous system leading finally to the death of the treated insect.

Best suited for white grub (Holotrichia consanguinea) control in Sugarcane.

It is combination of two-mode of chemistry that gives dual action against pests (systemic & ingestion/contact).

It gives longer persistence with excellent control.

It has shown demonstrable plant growth enhancement effect which will lead to higher yield

Dual PGE leads to better root growth, greener plants better yield

Packing :40gm, 100gm, 250gm, and 500gm.
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