Kodak Carestream X Ray Film E Speed

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Brand: Kodak

High-resolution dental X-ray film, offering brilliant clarity with half the exposure time for efficient diagnostics

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  • No loss of sharp, radiographic detail
  • Less radiation exposure for patients and staff
  • Helps you put patients at ease and minimizes fear of X-rays
  • Potentially less retakes due to patient movement
  • Produces consistently high-quality images, ideal for diagnostic purposes
  • Enhanced processing robustness ? providing more tolerance to chemistry variations
  • Thinner packets mean enhanced patient comfort
  • Processes in automatic or manual equipment, so no change in your current processing procedures or equipment is necessary
  • Color-coded vinyl packets are easy to open in the dark
  • Available in Size 2 to accommodate most dental exams
  • Description

    The Kodak Carestream X-Ray Film E-Speed revolutionizes dental imaging with its blend of quality and speed. Designed to capture high-resolution periapical and bite-wing images, it ensures maximum patient comfort and confident diagnosis. This film delivers brilliant image clarity while requiring just half the exposure time of traditional D-speed intraoral films, optimizing efficiency without compromising quality. Compatible with both automatic and manual processing methods, it offers versatility in workflow. Its affordability and consistent quality make it a cost-effective choice for dental practices of all sizes. Beyond its economic advantages, this film prioritizes patient safety by reducing exposure time, thus minimizing radiation exposure. With clear image quality and accelerated processing times, the Kodak Carestream X-Ray Film E-Speed stands as a reliable solution for dental professionals seeking high-performance imaging tools to enhance their diagnostic capabilities.



    Key Specifications

  • Size 2 X-ray films
  • Dimensions: 30.5×40.5mm
  • For high-resolution periapical and bite-wing radiographs


  • 1 x Pack of 150 Films.
  • Direction to Use

    STEP – 1

    • Unwrap films carefully.
    • Maintain automatic processors.
    • Use correct time-temperature development.

    STEP – 2

    • Establish correct exposure time – Over- or underexposing Dental Film can create poor density and contrast radiographs. This results in poor quality film and unnecessary radiation to the patient.
    • Maintain an adequate darkroom – Sensitivity of dental film demands strict attention to
      darkroom conditions.

    STEP – 3

    •  Process films properly – Excellent image quality requires strict attention to recommended procedures, including time and temperature processing and daily replenishment of chemicals. Always observe good safety practices: wearrubber gloves, a rubber apron and glasses when mixing, replenishing, changing or disposing of chemicals.
    • Mount and view radiographs correctly – Viewing conditions are extremely important in
      interpreting radiographs.

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