Uniclave UV Chamber Econom 15 Tray

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Sterilize with ease using our UV chamber for effective maintenance

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  • Digital interface for easy control.
  • 15 trays for simultaneous sterilization.
  • The intensity meter ensures precise UV light control.
  • Reliable and cost-effective
  • Description

    Uniclave UV Chamber Econom with 15 trays represents a state-of-the-art solution for effective sterilization. Boasting a digital interface and an integrated intensity meter to gauge light power accurately, it ensures precise performance. Manufactured and supplied by Uniclave in India, this chamber is recognized for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. With a compact design measuring L-33cm, W-18.5cm, H-50cm, and trays sized at L-27cm, W-15cm, it accommodates a variety of items for sterilization. Ideal for diverse applications, the Uniclave UV Chamber Econom 15 Tray stands out as a trusted choice in the realm of ultraviolet sterilization technology.

    Key Specifications

  • Product Size – L -33cm , W -18.5cm , H -50cm
  • Tray Size – L -27cm, W -15cm
  • Packaging

    Uniclave UV Chamber Econom 15 Tray

    • 1 x UV light tube
    • 1 x Uniclave UV Chamber Econom 15 Tray

    Direction to Use

  • Prepare: Put the UV chamber on a flat surface and plug it in.
  • Load Items: Open the door and put the things you want to clean on the trays.
  • Close the Door: Shut the door tight to start the cleaning process.
  • Set It Up: If there are buttons or a screen, use them to choose how long and how strong the cleaning should be.
  • Turn On the Light: Start the cleaning by turning on the UV light. Press the button or switch that does that.
  • Watch and Wait: Let the cleaning go on for the time it needs. Keep an eye on any lights or displays.
  • Finish and Take Out: When it’s done, turn off the UV light and open the door. Take out your now clean items.
  • Be Safe: Always follow the safety rules from the manual. Don’t look directly at the UV light; it can hurt your eyes and skin.
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