UU Ortho Dental Photography Mirror Kit

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Fog free mirror system to capture clear intraoral photos by incorporating a built-in fan, LED lights, and interchangeable mirrors, preventing fogging and providing optimal lighting

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  • Micro fan in base prevents fogging: The built-in micro fan swiftly eliminates fog as soon as the patient exhales on the mirror, ensuring a consistently clear view during photography.
  • 5 LED lights provide direct lighting: Strategically positioned LED lights offer direct illumination, enabling precise visibility and optimal lighting conditions inside the patient’s mouth.

  • Interchangeable highly polished stainless steel mirrors with special coating process: The system includes interchangeable mirrors made of highly polished stainless steel with a special coating process, ensuring exceptional reflectivity and image clarity.

  • Cordless with charger included: The system operates cordlessly for convenient use and freedom of movement, and it comes with a charger for easy recharging between sessions.

  • 4 in. x 2.5 in. x 1 in. base serves as a handle during photography: The compact base serves a dual purpose as a handle, providing a comfortable grip and stable control during the intraoral photography process.

  • Description

    UU Orhto Fog Free Intraoral Photo Mirror System is a revolutionary solution to the frustrating problem of mirror fogging during dental photography. This innovative kit is designed to enhance your intraoral photography experience by providing clear visibility and direct lighting, ensuring accurate and detailed images every time. The Fog Free Mirror System features a compact base measuring 4 inches x 2.5 inches x 1 inch, which conveniently doubles as a handle during photography. The base incorporates a micro fan that effectively eliminates fog the moment your patient exhales, guaranteeing a crystal-clear view of the oral cavity. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and frustrating task of constantly wiping away fog from your mirror.

    In addition to its fog-free functionality, this kit is equipped with five bright LED lights strategically positioned to provide direct illumination inside the patient’s mouth. This ensures optimal lighting conditions, allowing you to capture precise and well-lit intraoral images with ease. The system includes a #3 Occlusal Adult size mirror, crafted from interchangeable highly polished stainless steel mirrors with a special coating process. These mirrors offer 100% reflectivity, ensuring accurate image reproduction and clarity. The kit also includes a battery and charger, providing the convenience of cordless operation. 

    Key Specifications

    1300mAh / 3.7V
    ~100V-240V 0.5A Max 50Hz/60Hz
    1.3W Max
    Occlusal L mirror
    142 * 70
    Occlusal M mirror
    140 * 55
    Buccal mirror
    145 * 55
    Lingual mirror
    150 * 55


  • 1 x Photography mirror Led Unit
  • 4 x Mirrors
  • 1 x USB
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • Direction to Use

  • Ensure that the Fog Free Mirror System is fully charged by connecting it to the provided charger
  • Choose the appropriate mirror size for your desired intraoral photography
  • Attach the selected mirror securely to the FF-Photo Base
  • Press the power button on the base to activate the system
  • Activate the built-in fan by pressing the fan button on the base
  • Position the mirror inside the patient’s mouth, ensuring clear visibility
  • The micro fan will quickly eliminate fog, allowing for a clear view of the oral cavity
  • Capture the desired intraoral photos using your preferred photography equipment
  • After use, turn off the system by pressing the power button
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