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    Dentsply M – Access K – File 25 mm # 006 $ 4.32$ 5.49

    The recommended motion of action is clockwise with rotation at half turn twists. The , M-AccessK-file, works on the “pull” stroke – that is, by scraping the canal walls as it is withdrawn from the canal. It is advanced to the full working length rotated 1/4 to 1/2 turn clockwise, and withdrawn while being pressed against one of the walls. The process is repeated against each of the walls in turn until the canal is sufficiently enlarged to proceed to the next size instrument. Do not proceed too quickly – it is preferable to utilize an instrument to the maximum extent possible before proceeding to the next instrument in the series. The file must be cleaned repeatedly during use; never use an instrument packed with filings or debris. The comprehensive and affordable hand file range specifically designed to offer clinicians simplicity and efficiency. Ergonomically designed handle. A complete and comprehensive range. The silicone stop marker identifies the direction of the tip in the root canal. The K-File cross-section is square from 6 to 40 and triangular from 45 onwards.

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