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  • Organic Soybean Meal $0.00

    Features :

    • One of the highest sources of protein from plant origin.
    • 100% Non GMO.
    • One of the best sources of feed for animal feed for poultry, pork, cattle, other farm animals and pets.
    • Easily palatable.
    • High FCR.

    Specifications :

    Protein28% min
    Moisture9.0% max
    Crude fat7.0%  max
    Fiber7.0% max
    Sand Silica1.5% max
    Urease activity0.2 mgn/g max


     Commercial Terms : 

    PackingIn 20ft container FCLIn 40ft containerIn BULK Vessel
    No of BagsWeight
    No of BagsWeight
    No of BagsWeight
    In 50kg PP bags
    in containers
    In 50kg PP bags
    in Bulk Vessel


    Packing : 50 kg PP Bags

    Origin : India


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