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  • -17%Limited
    3M Espe mixing tips (BLUE) Pack of 8
    3M Espe mixing tips (BLUE) Pack of 8 Original price was: $ 70.90.Current price is: $ 58.95.

    Allows easy, automatic mixing of Protemp Plus temporization material using the Garant dispenser. Quick intraoral set. Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing or glaze. Sophisticated filler technology provides strength and esthetics. Easy plaque removal to support gingival health. Six natural-looking shades designed to match Filtek? Supreme Ultra Flowable Restorative.

  • -12%Limited
    API Articulator Hinge
    API Articulator Hinge Original price was: $ 1.46.Current price is: $ 1.28.

    Allows prosthetic work to be done in the absence of the patient, Hinge articulator which gives only opening and closing jaw movements, Helps in establishment of proper occlusal settings in both RPD and CD.

  • -26%Limited
    Api Autoclavable PMT Tray
    Api Autoclavable PMT Tray Original price was: $ 3.06.Current price is: $ 2.25.

    Non-toxic. Low cost. Eco-friendly. High quality. Clean and much lighter. It can easily be Autoclaved. Its secure design avoids any kind of sharp or minor injuries. The instrument trays can be wrapped with woven and crepe, paper. Easy to clean & sterilize. Shatter-resistant.

  • API Clinical Instrument Tray Mini – Black Original price was: $ 2.44.Current price is: $ 1.65.

    High-Quality plastic. Easy to use. Dental instrument trays constructed of tough & colorful plastic. New design for easier handling of instruments. Accommodates larger handled and standard sized instruments.

  • -40%Limited
    API Saliva Ejector
    API Saliva Ejector Original price was: $ 1.63.Current price is: $ 0.98.

    It provides optimal suction. Non-removable tip. Shiny finish. A large suction surface avoids blockage. Comfortable, no sharp edges or corners. Reduces sedimentation of drilling by-products in pipes and tubing.

  • -40%Limited
    Capri Endo Organizer Set
    Capri Endo Organizer Set Original price was: $ 8.13.Current price is: $ 4.88.

    Designed For ease of use, Autoclavable By wet heat or chemiclave, Resistant chemicals and disinfectant Solutions Holder for 60 Files / Reamers & 9 Burs in Antiseptic Bath for Sterilization. Unique Lift – up tray with endometer measure and 2 sponge sections for cleaning, These Endo Organizer box is a complete unit for all Endodontic procedures. Dentist can keep End Files / Reamers / Bur in Sterile condition and bring them to their dental unit

  • -64%LimitedSold Out
    Dr. Morepen Dentosys Advanced Mouthwash
    Dr. Morepen Dentosys Advanced Mouthwash Original price was: $ 47.13.Current price is: $ 17.03.

    Helps to cleanse the mouth and prevent bad odour, Inhibits the growth of microorganism, It promotes healthy gums and helps prevent cavities

    Out of stock

  • -37%Limited
    Dr. Morepen Dentosys Toothpaste 100gm
    Dr. Morepen Dentosys Toothpaste 100gm Original price was: $ 22.59.Current price is: $ 14.18.
  • -45%Limited
    Durr FD 333 Wipes (110 Pulls in One Can)
    Durr FD 333 Wipes (110 Pulls in One Can) Original price was: $ 27.30.Current price is: $ 14.91.

    Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, fungicidal, limited virucidal plus, (enveloped viruses incl. HBV, HCV, HIV and coronaviruses, as well as, non-enveloped adenoviruses and noroviruses), Quick-acting disinfection effect, Quick drying times, Perfume-free

  • -54%Limited
    EiTi Bur Sterilizer (Autoclavable)
    EiTi Bur Sterilizer (Autoclavable) Original price was: $ 8.13.Current price is: $ 3.75.

    Made up of durable & environmentally friendly plastic material. Its unique design is very comfortable to use. Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry. Resistant to disinfection at high temperatures. An ideal gift for friends dedicated to related jobs.

  • Brand: 
    EiTi Cheek And Lip Retractors $ 1.20$ 1.35

    Strong one-piece construction. Provides complete view for anterior and posterior teeth, Made of durable clear medical grade plastic , Compatible with the cold sterilization or the autoclave (<121°C), The smooth surface makes it very comfortable for the patient. Protects the sensitive gums during teeth whitening treatment. Available in adult size or child size, Opens the oral cavity widely, without any pain

  • Brand: 
    Indian Dappen Dish Glass $ 0.45

    The glass Dappen Dish is made of solid heat-resistant glass

  • -55%Limited
    Indian Rvg Sensor Sleeve Pack of 500
    Indian Rvg Sensor Sleeve Pack of 500 Original price was: $ 9.59.Current price is: $ 4.35.

    , Soft & doesn’t hurt patient?
    , Patient Friendly,
    , Fits on any sensor,

  • Brand: 
    Oral – B Pro 2 (2000N) Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush $ 62.99

    Up to 100% more plaque removal: Round head cleans better for healthier gums*, Clinically proven superior 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove plaque, Protect your gums: Pressure Control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you brush too hard, Gently whitens your teeth starting from day 1 by removing surface stains, Know you?ve brushed the right amount of time with the 2-minute professional timer, Electric toothbrush with two modes: Daily clean and gum care Daily Clean and Gum Care brushing modes, Amazing battery experience: Lasts up to 2 weeks with 1 charge with the state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery

  • -36%Limited
    Oro Compule Gun
    Oro Compule Gun Original price was: $ 9.10.Current price is: $ 5.78.

    150 mm x 100mm

  • -40%Limited
    Oro X - Ray Film Holder
    Oro X – Ray Film Holder Original price was: $ 1.63.Current price is: $ 0.98.

    Angled with both ends working to take both anterior & posterior films, Help taking perfect & accurate pictures, Help finishing the technique photograph or correcting the angular bisector, X-ray film holders with an aiming ring that allows the X-ray cone to align with the appropriate tooth structure easily and precisely every time, Saves time and eliminates errors, Patient friendly, No metal components, Made of sturdy precision molded plastic, Autoclavable

  • -14%Limited
    Patient Apron
    Patient Apron (Pack of 100) Original price was: $ 175.00.Current price is: $ 150.00.

    Protect patients from sprays, splatters, and small particles during exams or dental procedures. Covers patient’s clothes – shoulder to waist. These are made from non woven fabric. These drapes can be tied around the neck. Prevents patients clothes from soiling.

  • -21%Limited
    Samit Glass Slab 7.5 cm x 15 cm x 12 mm
    Samit Glass Slab 7.5 cm x 15 cm x 12 mm Original price was: $ 1.14.Current price is: $ 0.90.

    Made of Glass, High Quality material, Economical, Useful for routine dental practice

  • -25%Limited
    Sdi Pola Office 1 Patient Kit
    Sdi Pola Office 1 Patient Kit Original price was: $ 67.84.Current price is: $ 51.00.

    35% Hydrogen peroxide, Can be used with or without a light, Minimal chair time- within 30 mins, 1 to 2 patient with single kit

  • -41%Limited
    Waldent Lead Apron (BARC Approved)
    Waldent Lead Apron (BARC Approved) Original price was: $ 145.00.Current price is: $ 85.00.

    Weight Adjuster, Flexible Back. Comfortably places more weight on hips, less weight on shoulders. Available with Velcro Straps. Reinforced Belt, Spacious and Strong. 0.34mm Lead equivalency, BARC certified. Length:, 100cm from the shoulder, Weight :, 2.7kg , Width, -60cm, Quick & Easy to use. The way it is designed and manufactured it has many advantages, such as its ability to insulate, provide comfort and it is also hypoallergenic and is a durable fabric. High enough that when worn in conjunction with thyroid collar there is no space between the thyroid collar and the apron neckline. High neckline will reduce radiation doses of 45% and is strongly recommended, especially in younger age groups.?, Neckline should be high in those cases where the , thyroid,  is in line with, or very close to, the primary beam. It helps alleviate discomfort to the shoulder area. Perfectly shapes the shoulder. Very good creasing property. Standard dimensions. For better grip. Velcro has great strength and is low maintenance. One of its greatest advantages is the ease of use. Locked together with just a press of the fabric. It is so easy to use it can be operated by a runner mid-stride. Make sure your torso is covered to just below the knee. The major critical organs include the gonads, breast, active bone marrow, lungs, thyroid, bone surfaces, and, to a lesser degree, various other organs in the trunk of the body which has a risk from radiation exposure, nearly. All the critical organs can be shielded by a lead apron that has a length to about mid-femur. Concealed for comfort and durability. Wide enough to support the apron weight across as broad surface areas as possible without restricting movement or causing discomfort. Snug fit but not restrictive to movement of the arm.

  • -54%Limited
    Waldent Scalpel Blade Removing Forceps (4/107)
    Waldent Scalpel Blade Removing Forceps (4/107) Original price was: $ 45.50.Current price is: $ 21.00.

    It is an ideal instrument , used to Remove Scalpel Blades Easily & Safely From Scalpel Handle, The tips are made with finest quality stainless steel. Made up of Rostfrei Stainless Steel helps in retaining their shape and resist breakage of tip, Corrosion resistance alloy, Autoclavable

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