API Diamond Burs – Special (Extra) Shape / Ex Series

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Brand: API

Barrel, pear and needle shaped FG diamond burs for airotors

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  • Precision and Smooth Cutting Burs
  • Produces less heat
  • Autoclavable
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Diamond coated abrasive
  • Light weighted
  • Corrosion resistant & durable
  • Description

    API Diamond Burs are specialized dental instruments with a stainless steel working part coated in fine diamond crystals. These rotary grinding tools are tailored for precision work on hard tissues like teeth playing a vital role in dentistry. Designed for compatibility with dental handpieces, they offer controlled and efficient use in a variety of dental procedures. Beyond dentistry, Dental API Diamond Burs demonstrate versatility, capable of grinding various hard materials such as metals, plastics, and porcelain. This versatility extends their utility to laboratory settings where precise material removal is essential. The fine diamond crystal coating ensures durability and prolonged performance, establishing them as a reliable choice for professionals seeking accuracy and efficiency in their work.

    Key Specifications

  • EX – 18F: ISO 150/012 – Fine Grit Size – 21mm length
  • EX – 41: ISO 233/010 – Regular Grit Size – 19mm length
  • FG 165/10: ISO 165/10 – Regular Grit Size – 22mm length
  • FG 166/10: ISO 166/10 – Regular Grit Size – 22mm length
  • FG 165/12: ISO 165/12 – Regular Grit Size – 19mm length
  • FG 166/12: ISO 166/12 – Regular Grit Size – 19mm length
  • Packaging

  • Pack of 5
  • Direction to Use

    Select the Appropriate Bur:

    • Choose the right bur for the specific dental procedure, considering factors such as shape, size, and grit.

    Inspect the Bur:

    • Before use, visually inspect the bur for any damage or wear. Do not use a damaged bur, as it may compromise performance and safety.

    Sterilize the Bur:

    • Autoclave or follow the recommended sterilization method for the bur to ensure aseptic conditions.

    Prepare the Handpiece:

    • Make sure the dental handpiece is clean and properly maintained.

    Adjust Speed and Cooling:

    • Start the handpiece at a low speed and gradually increase it as needed for the procedure. Adjust the water spray or cooling system to prevent overheating.

    Position Patient Comfortably:

    • Ensure the patient is in a comfortable position and use appropriate techniques to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

    Begin the Procedure:

    • Gently initiate the procedure, allowing the bur’s design and sharpness to do the work. Apply controlled pressure, avoiding excessive force.

    Use Adequate Water Cooling:

    • Maintain a constant water spray to cool the burn and reduce heat generation. This is crucial for patient comfort and preventing thermal damage.

    Inspect Progress:

    • Periodically inspect the progress of the procedure and adjust as needed. Check for any signs of heat, discomfort, or irregularities.

    Finish and Clean:

    • Complete the procedure and clean the bur thoroughly. Follow appropriate infection control protocols.

    Dispose or Sterilize:

    • Dispose of single-use burs according to waste disposal regulations. For reusable burs, sterilize them again before the next use.

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