Dentsply Glyde Root Canal Lubricant


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Brand: Dentsply

Dentsply Glyde Root Canal Lubricant
Removes Smear Layer
Flush Out Debris
3ml Syringe
Box of 3

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The Dentsply Glyde Root Canal Lubricant makes root canal treatment easier as it reduces the risk of instrument fracture by acting as a lubricant
It helps to flush out debris
EDTA, a demineralising agent, softens dentine making calcified canals easier to shape
The combination of urea peroxyde causes an effervescent reaction which helps to remove smear layer in the canal up towards the crown
Using EDTA, a chelating (demineralising) agent, clean canal walls, completely free of smear layer are obtained and calcified canals are easier to shape
It chemically cleans and removes smear layer thanks to urea peroxyde
Urea peroxyde, an oxidising agent also used in bleaching processes, chemically cleans and removes anaerobic bacteria in the canal flora. The formulation, which is completely wateroluble, gives the mixture its gel consistency.
Instructions for Use:
Rinse with sodium hypochlorite and make the first entry into the canal using the first manual or rotary instrument
Apply the Glyde File Prep straight into the cavity using the disposable tip or the singlese pack
Reinsert the first instrument and begin to prepare the canal
Rinse with hypochlorite and apply the Glyde again into the access cavity
Continue preparing the canal alternating with sodium hypochlorite and Glyde between each instrument
Once the canal has been shaped, rinse it with plenty of sodium hypochlorite until the effervescence subsides
Dry and fill

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