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The world’s smallest size, You can attach the device anywhere (e.g. stand, apron, Dental Ruler, included package, etc.) It gives the best accuracy by using 3 frequencies for exact accuracy. You can check if the device is accurate with a calibration jig and calibrate the device yourself. The available working length is selected for user convenience, a rechargeable battery is applied, and USB power from a PC or mobile phone is connected. Better visible and better recognized, Controls the device by touch control, 3 display modes prepared for better user recognition; Can be used as a timer.

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Compact smallest size:

  • World’s smallest size

Various ways to attach:

  • Can attach the device anywhere (e.g stand, apron, Dental Ruler, included package, etc)


  • It gives the best accuracy by using three frequencies for exact accuracy


  • You can check if the device is accurate simply with a calibration jig and calibrate the device yourself.

Working Length Select:

  • Available working length selected for user convenience

Rechargeable Battery:

  • The rechargeable battery is applied, and USB Power from PC or mobile phone adapter.

Big color touch LCD screen:

  • Better visible and better recognized
  • Controls the device by touch control

Various Display Modes:

  • Three display modes are prepared for better user recognition.

Timer Function:

  • Can be used as a timer



About Apex Locators

An electronic apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics to determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space.

The traditional measurement method used by operators is based on tactile sensation, which is Based on hand sensation and patient pain, the dentist decides whether the measuring tool reaches the apical foramen with high subjectivity and low accuracy while the limitation of other methods which we rely on measurement using x-ray is that apical foramen can’t be shown in the x-ray film, moreover, 3D structure is seen in 2D data.


The idea of determining working length using electronic means was first investigated by Custer in the year 1918, and Suzuki in 1942, who performed a study on the flow of direct current through the teeth of dogs. He inferred that the electrical resistance values between the instrument in the root canal and the electrode placed on the oral mucous membrane displayed consistency. He speculated that this principle could be used to measure the length of the root canal. Taking this inference from Suzuki’s experiment, Sunada constructed a device that could measure the canal length using direct current. The principle used was that the electrical resistance between the mucous membrane and the periodontium remained constant at 6-kilo ohms. This value was not affected by the person’s age, tooth shape, and size. This marked the inception of electronic apex locators in endodontic practice. But that’s just the beginning of the new age. The first electronic apex locator was the Root Canal Meter by Onuki Medical.

Features of an electronic apex locator :


  • Using the latest multi-frequency apical positioning technology avoids the influence of subjective factors on measurement results.
  • Measuring results are not affected by the tooth type, effects of root canal orifice size, or root canal internal environment.


  • Real-time display of the moving file in the root canal


  • Avoid the traditional measurement of X-ray radiation.
  • Avoid overfilling or underfilling.


Dr’s Finder NEO Apex Locator provides accurate readings with the newest technology.

Please Note: Accuracy in readings for apex locators is claimed to be 97.7% accurate. Readings may vary from the conventional method of working length determination (radiographic method) & may fluctuate in cases where the precautions (recommended in user manual) are not followed


Key Specifications


POWER SOURCE:3.7V Lithium Polymer
MAIN UNIT43 x 46 x 16 mm
LIP HOOK:65 mm



  • 1 Main Unit
  • 1 x File Hook
  • 1 x Lip Hook
  • 1 x Probe Cord & extension cord
  • 1 x Ruler
  • 1 x Calibration Jig

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