GDC Extraction Forceps Upper Left Physical (Pafx100ul)

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Autoclavable, Corrosion-resistant, Atraumatic extraction, Preserves cortex and the socket, Efficient

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  • Autoclavable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Atraumatic extraction
  • Preserves cortex and the socket
  • Efficient
  • Description

    GDC Extraction Forceps Upper left Physical Forceps (PAFX100UL)is an innovative design that provides a simple mechanical advantage by employing first-class lever mechanics. Utilizing the “beak and bumper” technique, it becomes simple and predictable to extract any tooth in any condition, while preserving the buccal bone and socket. The beak of the Physical Forceps is designed to apply controlled pressure parallel to the long axis of the root. The bumper acts as a simple fulcrum or pivot point. While traditional instruments grasp, squeeze and twist,these forceps employ a slow, steady force that releases the tooth from the alveolar bone.

    Due to its steady unrelenting trauma to the periodontal ligament,there is quantitative greater release of hyaluronidase in a shorter period of time than traditional forceps or elevator extractions because the trauma from those techniques is intermittent. This makes these forceps more efficient, faster, and less traumatic to the alveolar bone.When the tooth releases, it can be removed simply with a rongeur or even fingers.

    Key Specifications

    • Material Forceps: Stainless steel
    • Material Beak:Silicone
    • Quadrant:Maxillary Left
    • Packaging

    • 1x Extraction Forceps Upper Left Physical
    • Direction of use

      • Separate the gingival attachment from the tooth.
      • With the handles wide open, set the beak into the depth of the lingual or palatal sulcus on solid root surface. A secure purchase point on solid root surface is critical to successfully rolling out the tooth. When necessary, create a small trench with a small flame shaped diamond burr to engage the beak more securely on solid root surface.
      • Set the bumper perpendicular to the tooth at about the level of the mucogingival junction. Holding that position securely, freeze don’t squeeze the handles. Note: the greater the distance between the beak and the bumper, the greater the arc of rotation, consequently achieving vertical lift.
      • Without squeezing the handles or moving the arm, begin to apply a steady, very slow rotational force in the direction of the bumper patiently, continue to apply this steady force for 30 to 40 seconds. This force or creep will continue to build, allowing time for the periodontal ligament to release, the bone to slowly expand & the tooth to disengage.
      • The rotation should only be along the buccal direction,if there is no movement.Hold this position for a few seconds.
      • As soon as the tooth moves 1-3 mm,it should be delivered with a conventional instrument.

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