iDENTical Pedodontics Teaching Puppet (Tiger) WJ-038

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Tiger puppet for teaching proper brushing techniques with playful charm

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  • Playful Design: Engaging tiger puppet design
  • Full Set of Teeth: Demonstrates proper brushing techniques
  • Educational Tool: Promotes good oral hygiene habits and prophylaxis
  • Large Size: Captivating presence in treatment rooms
  • Lasting Positive Impression: Leaves a positive memory of dental visits
  • Enhances Engagement: Interactive and encourages participation
  • Promotes Fun Dental Experience: Shows that brushing can be enjoyable
  • Ideal for Younger Patients: Specifically designed for younger age groups
  • Enhances Treatment Room Atmosphere: Adds charm and interest
  • Description

    The iDENTical Pedodontics Teaching Puppet (tiger) is the ultimate companion for oral hygiene instruction. This adorable plush puppet combines entertainment and education, making dental care an enjoyable experience for children. It is available in vibrant ornage-golden color. With a full set of teeth, it serves as the perfect tool for demonstrating proper teeth cleaning techniques. Designed to engage and captivate young patients, this puppet encourages the development of good oral hygiene habits and emphasizes the importance of regular prophylaxis. Its vibrant and charming appearance instantly adds a touch of fun to any dental setting, transforming treatment rooms into shining, interesting spaces.

    The iDENTical Pedodontics Teaching Puppet (Tiger) serves a dual purpose, ensuring that children not only learn the importance of oral health but also associate dental visits with positive memories. By using this delightful puppet, dental professionals can effectively convey the message that brushing teeth can be a delightful experience. With its large size and eye-catching design, this puppet effortlessly grabs attention and leaves a lasting positive impression on both children and parents alike. Get ready to inspire and educate young patients with the iDENTical Pedodontics Teaching Puppet (Tiger) – a charming companion that turns oral hygiene into a joyful adventure!

    Key Specifications

  • Size: 14.2 x 9.6 x 7.9 inches
  • Packaging

  • 1 x Puppet
  • Direction to Use

  • Introduce the puppet: Present the tiger puppet to the child.
  • Explain the purpose: Describe that the puppet teaches proper brushing techniques and promotes oral hygiene.
  • Demonstrate brushing: Use the puppet to show the correct brushing motions and techniques.
  • Encourage interaction: Let the child mimic the brushing actions on the puppet’s teeth.
  • Reinforce key points: Emphasize brushing twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste, and reaching all tooth surfaces.
  • Role-playing: Allow the child to play the dentist and demonstrate brushing techniques using the puppet.
  • Answer questions: Address any inquiries or concerns about brushing or dental care.
  • Recap and reward: Summarize the main points and commend the child’s participation, offering small rewards if desired.
  • Repeat as needed: Use the puppet regularly to reinforce proper brushing habits and maintain engagement.
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