Ivoclar Vivapen Snap-On Cannulas

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Attach the cannula, apply adhesive delicately, and enhance dental precision with Ivoclar Vivapen

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  • Accurate dispensing
  • Delicate application in the structure of the tooth
  • Minimum waste volume
  • Description

    Ivoclar Vivapen Snap-On Cannulas are precision-designed refill components intended to facilitate the accurate application of the adhesive system AdheSe One F. These specialized cannulas are particularly well-suited for use with Ivoclar’s Adhese Universal or Excite F VivaPen systems, offering versatility in various bonding procedures and etching protocols. Ivoclar Vivapen Snap-On Cannulas ensure consistently high bond strength, exceeding 25 MPa, even on both wet and dry dentin surfaces. Furthermore, they incorporate a desensitizing effect to minimize the potential for postoperative sensitivity, enhancing the patient’s post-procedure comfort and satisfaction. One of the key advantages of these cannulas is their efficiency, allowing for up to four times more applications per milliliter in comparison to traditional adhesive bottles. This not only saves time but also minimizes material wastage, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for dental professionals. Overall, Ivoclar Vivapen Snap-On Cannulas provide a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution for adhesive procedures, ensuring superior bonding performance and patient well-being.


  • Pack of 100
  • Direction to Use

    Prepare the Workspace:

    • Ensure your dental workspace is clean and well-organized. Have all the necessary materials and equipment readily accessible.

    Attach the Cannula:

    • Remove the cap from the AdheSe One F VivaPen and attach the Ivoclar Vivapen Snap-On Cannula securely. Ensure a tight fit to prevent leakage.

    Prepare the Tooth:

    • Begin the dental procedure, such as etching or preparing the tooth surface for bonding, following your standard protocol.

    Dispense Adhesive:

    • Gently press on the VivaPen to dispense the adhesive through the cannula. Use controlled pressure to achieve precise application.

    Apply Delicately:

    • Direct the cannula to apply the adhesive with delicacy to the tooth structure. This helps minimize damage and ensures accurate placement.

    Complete the Procedure:

    • Continue with the bonding or restorative procedure as needed, knowing that the adhesive has been applied precisely.

    Remove and Store:

    • After use, remove the cannula from the VivaPen and properly store it to prevent contamination or leakage. Replace the cap on the VivaPen.

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