Sceptre Rein Plus Dialysis Dialyser Disinfectant


Brand: Sceptre

Sceptre Rein Plus Dialysis Dialyser Disinfectant
Volume: 5 Litre
Colour: Transparent
Glutaraldehyde Free
Use After Dilution

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The Sceptre Rein Plus Dialysis Dialyser Disinfectant is used in Dialyzer Reprocessing System
A cold sterilant that’s glutaraldehyde free and is more effective than formaldehyde, ethanol and sodium hydroxide (which are only disinfectants that kill most bacteria and some spores but not all microorganisms)
This solution is effective against nonuberculous mycobacteria including HIV (associated with AIDS), hepatitis viruses and microorganisms when used as a sterilant
It is available in 5 Litre bottle
Peracitic Acid : 4.5%
Hydrogen Peroxide (48 gm of 50%) Equ. to: 24%
Purified Water I.P : q.s.
Application areas:
Peracetic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant Liquid is an effective sterilant formulated for use after dilution for many applications, for example, high purity water systems, medical and laboratory equipment. It is mostly used in Dialyzer Reprocessing System.

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