Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Kit


Brand: Sun Medical

Cementation (Metal/PFM/Ceramic) – Lutes Inlays, Onlays, Crown & Bridge, Splinting of mobile teeth – Without WIres/Fibres/Flowable composite, Bracket Luting (Metal/Ceramic /Plastic Bracket) – Ro Enamel/Ceramic/Metal Crown, Post & Core Build up – Post Luting & Core build up with Adhesive, Direct Bonded Bridge – Resin pontic bonded to Natural Uncut Abutments, Repair of fractured prosthesis – PFM Crowns/ Resion Veneered Crowns, Repair of Vertical fracture of teeth – Intra Oral or Extra Oral Reimplantation, Repair of Root Perforations – without MTA, Protection of prepared vital dentin

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  • Cementation (Metal/PFM/Ceramic) – Lutes Inlays, Onlays, Crown & Bridge
  • Splinting of mobile teeth – Without WIres/Fibres/Flowable composite
  • Bracket Luting (Metal/Ceramic /Plastic Bracket) – Ro Enamel/Ceramic/Metal Crown
  • Post & Core Build up – Post Luting & Core build up with Adhesive
  • Direct Bonded Bridge – Resin pontic bonded to Natural Uncut Abutments
  • Repair of fractured prosthesis – PFM Crowns/ Resion Veneered Crowns
  • Repair of Vertical fracture of teeth – Intra Oral or Extra Oral Reimplantation
  • Repair of Root Perforations – without MTA
  • Protection of prepared vital dentin



  • Excellent bond strength to tooth structure (enamel and dentin), metal, porcelain and dental resins.
  • Universal dental applications.
  • Pulpal safety.
  • Formulation of a hybrid layer (resin-impregnated layer) in both enamel and dentin. This layer reinforces the tooth surface against recurrent caries and prevents post-operative hypersensitivity.
  • Super-Bond C&B Quick Monomer is a monomer with curing time faster than Super-Bond C&B Monomer.


  • Bonding metal brackets to enamel
  • Bonding bracket tubes to precious metal crowns


  • Direct fixation of mobile teeth
  • Periodontal splinting of mobile tooth


  • Direct bonded bridges with resin pontics for congenitally missing teeth
  • Natural Tooth Pontic Bonding

Key Specifications

  • Long lasting retention of Indirect Restoration
  • Acts as Synthetic Enamel over Dentin
  • CARIES RESISTANT – Resists degradation from acids
  • Prevents Invasion of Bacteria to Pulp
  • Prevents post operative pain after tooth preparation



  • 1 X Super Bond C&B Kit

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