Zhermack Hydrorise Putty & Light Body Impression material

Brand: zhermack

At least 99% elastic recovery, Dimensional stability for upto 21 days, Tear resistance, Biocompatible even on damaged mucosa, 5 micron detail reproduction, High hydrocompatibility, One of the best contact angles on the market

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  • At least 99% elastic recovery
  • Dimensional stability for upto 21 days
  • Tear resistance
  • Biocompatible even on damaged mucosa
  • 5 micron detail reproduction
  • High hydrocompatibility
  • One of the best contact angles on the market
  • Description

    High performance forHydrorise, the hyper-hydrocompatibleA-Silicone for high precision impression, which adapts todifferent impression techniques (double step impression,simultaneous impression with double viscosity andmonophase impression) in various clinical situations.

    The exclusiveAMDA(Advanced Moisture Displacement Action) technology, developed by the Zhermack research, favours a precise reproduction of details in the humid environment of the mouth, while preserving the integrity of the impression margins due to its tear strength. Its excellent hydrocompatibility ensures a greater fluidity of the silicone, which adapts perfectly to different dental morphologies and considerably improves the quality of the impression. Hydrorise was also formulated to meet the needs of the patient: thanks to its thixotropy, the silicone does not flow in the mouth during impression taking. The synergy of its physical and mechanical properties make Hydrorise a precise and reliable silicone for professionals as they can optimize their working times and also increase the comfort of the patient during impression taking.

    Zhermack Hydrorise Putty Impression material (Normal Set)

    Hydrorise permits combinations of different viscosities for each specific situation with a range of setting times for any impression procedure. Hydrorise high performance derives from a technology called yperhydrocompatibility the ability to increase silicone flowability to improve impression definition significantly

    • Maximum precision in detail reproduction
    • Resistance to deformation
    • Excellent elastic recovery
    • High dimensional stability
    • Less waste of material with the 5:1 automatic mixing system

    Key Specifications





    ISO 4823

    Type 0 Putty Consistency

    Type 2 Medium-bodied Consistency

    Type 3 Light-bodied Consistency

    Mixing ratio (Base:Catalyst)

    1:1, 5:1



    Strain in Compression (Min.ax.)

    1 3%

    3 5%

    3 5%

    Recovery from deformation




    Linear dimensional change (24hrs)




    Hardness hore A/span>





    Zhermack Hydrorise Putty & Light Body:

    • 1 x 300 Base
    • 1 x 300 ml Catalyst
    • 2 x 50ml Light Body Cartridge

    Zhermack Hydrorise Putty Impression material 2 x 300ml C207010:

    • 1 x 300 Base
    • 1 x 300 ml Catalyst

    Zhermack Hydrorise Putty Impression material 2 x 900ml C207012:

    • 1 x 900 Base
    • 1 x 900 ml Catalyst

    Zhermack Hydrorise Light Body Cartridge 2 x 50ml C207000:

    • 2 x 50ml Light Body Cartridge

    Zhermack Hydrorise Regular Body Cartridge 2 x 50ml C207004:

    • 2 x 50mlRegular Body Cartridge

    Direction to Use

    • All standard and/or special trays can be used, provided they are rigid and non-deformable
    • Proper adhesion of the material to the impression tray is essential to avoid errors, especially during removal from the mouth. To ensure a strong bond, make sure that the adhesive is appropriate for the type and material of the tray.
    • Hydrorise putty (mixing ratio 1:1) –
    • Take the required amounts of both components out of the tubs using the color-coded dosing scoops.
    • Mix identical proportions of hydrorise putty base and catalyst until you obtain a homogenous mix with no streaks in it ( 30 seconds mixing time)
    • Hydrorise light body, regular body (cartridge version 50ml, 1:1)
    • Assemble the dispensing gun and cartridge
    • Before fitting the tip, make sure that the two components (base and catalyst) flow out evenly by pressing gently on the dispenser lever and extruding a small amount of material. Remove this material before proceeding.
    • Fix the mixing tip and the optional intraoral tip.

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