Taking Care Of An Old Cavalo Cheval Horse


The horse (known as the cavalo in Spanish and the cheval in French) is a domestic animal that has been used in many farm chores and to transport things from town to town for years. Of course, this is something that many horses do not do anymore. So what people really should be doing is taking care of the cavalo cheval horse in a totally different way.

You may have a yard of people actually putting their cavalo cheval horse to sleep when it is older. This is a common practice especially if the animal is deemed to be useless to its owner. But this is a practice that should be stopped because a horse does deserve the right to retire peacefully on a farm or pasture like every other animal. If you have a horse that is not being used for any tasks at all, then consider taking care of the old animal before getting rid of it.

A cavalo cheval horse is usually considered to be old when it is about 20 years old. This, however, does not mean that it becomes useless. A horse can be kept for any number of things, the foremost being kept as a companion or pet. Taking care of an old horse is no more difficult than taking care of a dog. With the proper nutrition and exercise, you can keep a supposed old horse for much longer.

There are four things to remember when caring for a horse of any age. They are as follows: nutrition, teeth, environment, and disease. These are the four main things to keep in mind and if you follow the steps correctly, you should have a healthy horse until it passes away.

Providing Nutrition

What a cavalo cheval horse needs is a nutritious meal and also a regular de-worming so that it keeps healthy. The problem is that if it does not get the right nutrients, there is the possibility of worms infesting its organs and can cause damage especially in the stomach and intestines. The horse's blood cells can also be damaged and absorbing nutrients that will become difficult for a horse in the long run if it does not receive the right nutrition early.

A Regular Dental Check-up

Make sure to have a regular schedule with a vet. Your cavalo cheval horse will need a vet that has dental skills as well. Many animals that have bad teeth suffer from many ailments and a horse is no different because it needs to bite it food to break it down. There have been cases where horses choked on large pieces of food just because they were not chewed properly.


When a cavalo cheval horse gets older, it needs to be kept in a sufficient and calm place, much like a farm or pasture, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Horse's are susceptible to stress and will react to it in different ways. They can either become hard to deal with or develop depression. Match the needs of a horse depending on the environment, whether it is cold or warm, noisy or quiet. This will also help the horse avoid the development of conditions like arthritis.

The Possibility Of Disease

An old cavalo cheval horse is more susceptible to any number of diseases that are age-related. Make sure that your horse grows up without having to suffer from diseases by having a vet check on it regularly. The right vitamins and medicines will keep the cavalo cheval horse away from conditions such as arthritis, liver failure and anemia.

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