How You Can Lower Cholesterol Without the Side Effects of Harsh Medication


We have all heard time and time again how high cholesterol levels can lead to serious diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Prescription medications have proven effective in lowering cholesterol in most people. The problem is that this success also comes with some rather serious side effects. One of the more common being muscle pain. The medical community knows that approximately 15% of people given statin drugs will stop taking them because of these side effects. So it would make sense that many are asking "How can I lower cholesterol without drugs"?

Despite the fact that many will experience memory loss and muscle problems which in the most severe cases can lead to permanent damage the current medical establishment insists on using these drugs as a first line of defense for people that have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels.

Many people are now deciding not to rely on prescription drugs to control this problem. And the good news is that if you want to lower your cholesterol without them there are things you can be doing to accomplish this.

When first diagnosed with high cholesterol many more on their doctor's advice without asking the right questions or researching alternative remedies. We should point out that in some cases the readings may be so high that you do require some immediate intervention to correct the situation. In the majority of cases however this is not the situation. Most of us should be looking at some lifestyle changes to correct our problem. A little research into this will not only help you get your cholesterol under control but will also result in a much healthier life overall.

If you are committed to lower cholesterol without drugs there are basically two avenues you can take. First, you have to make the necessary changes to your exercise program and your diet. Exercise is very important. When starting an exercise program you first need to look at what you enjoy doing. Some people like to dance with their partners, others enjoy walking or swimming. If you begin your program with an activity that is enjoyable to you it is more likely that you will stick with it over the long term. Your diet will also have to be evaluated. Remember that cholesterol is derived from animal products. Foods that come from plants do not contain cholesterol. This is why adding fresh fruits and vegetables oatmeal and grains to your eating habits will not only reduce the levels of bad cholesterol but also have the effect of increasing the levels of good cholesterol. Red meat consumption should be limited.

Secondly, you may want to consider supplementation. There are a number of supplements that can assist in lowering cholesterol and do not have the side effects of drugs. Supplements such as artichoke leaf extract, red yeast rice and de-ionized garlic to name a few have all been shown to be effective. Many people have also had success with fish oil. Remember that before starting any supplementation program you should always consult with your doctor.

In conclusion, if you are committed to improving your cholesterol profile and do not want to do it with prescription medications you do have alternative. With a little knowledge and willpower you can be one of the people that experience success while practicing a healthier lifestyle. Good luck.

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