Dry Masturbation 411 – To Lube or Not to Lube?

Most anyone who was asked to write a list of words to describe sex would come up with adjectives like: intense, fun, pleasurable, intimate and so on and so forth. A word that would not commonly appear on the list is: dry. Yet many men find enjoyment in the act of dry masturbation i.e., masturbating without the use of lubrication or lotion. While it may seem like any action that allows a man to reach orgasm is A-OK, certain types of stimulation may actually be harmful to the penis. Learn more about dry masturbation and why a man should try to drop the habit now in order to keep the penis healthy for many years to come.

What is Dry Masturbation?

There are two definitions of dry masturbation. Some men use the term to refer to masturbating without the use of pornography, but more commonly it refers to an absence of liquid, lubrication, or lotion while masturbating. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the name for this type of stimulation came from.

Why would a man prefer to dry masturbate?

To each his own, right? Dry masturbation tends to feel rougher and more aggressive compared to a smoother stroke of a well-lubricated shaft. The rough sensation feels more desirable to some men who desire that type of friction. Alternatively, some men grew up masturbating in this fashion – either because they did not have knowledge of lubricant, or access to it – and it is not uncommon for the body to become trained to respond most positively to the type of stimulation one is first exposed to, as that is how it was learned. Another example of this phenomenon is men who enjoy fast and furious quickies – either with a partner or solo – because growing up as a teen they had to do it as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught.

Is there any harm in dry masturbation?

Well, it is not going to make a man go blind or anything, but it could certainly lead to a sore and irritated penis. Men who tend to engage in dry masturbation may find the skin of the penis becomes red and irritated. This happens because, without the presence of lubrication, the hand creates a lot of skin-on-skin friction, which can cause microscopic abrasions and tears. Dry masturbators may also find they are prone to little dry patches of skin on their Johnson, which may flake or itch. Dry skin can certainly be annoying – and unsightly – but a bigger concern to the dry masturbator is the chance of damaging the tissue of the penis. This excessive friction may burst the tiny blood vessels under the skin, damage the tissue, and even cause plaque buildup to develop on the penis. Over time, this tissue damage leads to the development of scar tissue, which gradually shortens the penis in the areas where it builds up, as scar tissue is not as elastic as healthy skin. Unfortunately, this scar tissue also causes the penis to curve in the direction of the scar, so now the penis is shorter than it used to be and curved! Talk about a lose-lose situation! The condition is known as Peyronie’s disease, and while it has many factors that contribute to it, too rough and aggressive treatment of the penis – which may occur during dry masturbation – may accelerate the condition.

How to keep the penis healthy

There is obviously not a direct and immediate cause-and-effect relationship wherein dry masturbation instantaneously leads to a shorter, curved penis. However, given the risks of this type of activity, it may be wise to add some lubricant to the old masturbatory routine – at least most of the time. Men who simply can’t get enough dry masturbating may be able to engage in the behavior on occasion without serious repercussions but should consider trying to retrain their penis to appreciate a nice lubricated touch. For men already noticing dry, irritated skin, the daily use of a penis vitamin lotion (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can reverse the damaging effects of dry masturbation. Selecting a lotion with Acetyl L Carnitine and alpha lipoic acid can also help to heal the unseen damage of dry masturbation by healing the penile tissues and repairing the cells to help avoid the dreaded penis curve.


Alternatives for Penis Skin Care

Sr. No.ProductIntroFeaturesProsCons
1XYZ Penile Health LotionXYZ Penile Health Lotion is specifically designed to nourish and moisturize the delicate skin of the penis, promoting softness and preventing dryness.Deep hydration, non-greasy formula, enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera.Long-lasting moisture, quick absorption, promotes skin elasticity.Scented fragrance may not be suitable for individuals with fragrance sensitivities.
2ABC Penile Revitalizing OilABC Penile Revitalizing Oil is formulated to enhance blood circulation, supporting healthy erections and overall penile function.Natural ingredients, promotes increased blood flow, easy-to-use dropper.Improved sexual performance, enhanced sensation, organic formulation.May require regular usage for optimal results.
3PQR Penile Care CreamPQR Penile Care Cream aims to address erectile dysfunction concerns by utilizing a unique blend of natural ingredients known for their potential efficacy.Alprostadil-based cream, potential alternative to oral medications, discreet application.Potential for improved erectile function, targeted application, convenient usage.Limited clinical trials, not FDA approved.
4LMN Penile Health SerumLMN Penile Health Serum combines the benefits of essential oils and natural extracts to support penile health and promote a pleasurable sexual experience.Botanical ingredients, fast-absorbing formula, compact size.Heightened sensitivity, natural aroma, travel-friendly packaging.Individual results may vary.
5EFG Penile Hygiene GelEFG Penile Hygiene Gel is specifically designed to maintain cleanliness and prevent bacterial growth, ensuring optimal penile hygiene.Antibacterial properties, pH-balanced formula, suitable for daily use.Reduced risk of infections, refreshing sensation, easy application.May require regular usage for long-term benefits.
6RST Penile Sensitivity CreamRST Penile Sensitivity Cream aims to enhance sexual pleasure by increasing penile sensitivity and responsiveness.Specialized formula, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin.Heightened pleasure, improved orgasm quality, discreet packaging.Results may vary depending on individual sensitivity levels.
7UVW Penile Massage OilUVW Penile Massage Oil combines the benefits of relaxation and nourishment to promote overall penile wellness and intimate bonding.Aromatic blend, moisturizing properties, promotes blood circulation.Sensual massage experience, stress relief, natural ingredients.May not be suitable for individuals with nut allergies.
8IJK Penile Repair CreamIJK Penile Repair Cream is designed to soothe and rejuvenate the skin, promoting healing and addressing common irritations.Skin repair formulation, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic.Soothes irritation, promotes healing, suitable for post-shaving care.May require regular application for optimal results.
9MNO Penile Enhancement SerumMNO Penile Enhancement Serum aims to enhance the appearance and firmness of the penis, supporting self-confidence and intimate experiences.Firming properties, botanical extracts, non-greasy texture.Improved appearance, increased self-esteem, easy-to-use pump.Individual results may vary.
10QRS Penile Cooling GelQRS Penile Cooling Gel provides a refreshing and soothing sensation, particularly after physical activity or prolonged sexual encounters.Cooling effect, non-sticky formula, suitable for all skin types.Instant cooling relief, non-irritating, travel-friendly packaging.Cooling sensation may not be preferred by everyone.
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