The Fastest Growing Disease in America


Here in America 24 million people have Diabetes, due to obesity and lack of exercise. Are we as Americans becoming so lazy that we do not care about our health any more.

We take care of animals and feed them better than we take care of ourselves. We have to understand that when we eat "dead" foods like fried and processed they have no nutritional value. Not only is it robbing vitamins and minerals from your body but these types of foods are also making you sick and fat. This is horrible that we come to a point where we focus so much on eating that we would go to the point of getting diabetes. Most of the time people do not want to go to the doctor because they are afraid of the news that they might receive regarding there health. All doctors will tell you that the only way to not get diabetes or any other diseases is to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Everyone can reverse all kinds of diseases and ailments by eating a healthy diet full of colors that will start to heal your body. In order to lose weight and beat this disease you have to eat "live" foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts & seeds and exercise. By changing your eating habits to "live" foods and working out 3x a week not only will you lose the weight but you will have lots of energy. Next time you go to the zoo and at feeding time you will see the animals only eat fruits and vegetables in it's natural state. So make the change to become a healthy person.

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