7 Telltale Signs of Dog Bladder Infection


Are you plain fed up with taking your dog to the vet to get treatment for dog bladder infection? Urinary infections are commonplace, especially in female dogs, but you could save yourself a lot of trouble and your dog a lot of pain by learning to spot infections early so you can treat them quickly at home.

Here are 7 telltale signs of urinary infection in dogs that you should keep an eye out for.

1. One of the first signs of dog bladder infections is a change in the frequency of urination. That's why it's important to know how your dog normally acts so you can notice a change in behavior.

If you see your dog urinating more or less frequently than usual, a bladder infection may be the cause. A homeopathic remedy will help to restore balance at a cellular level and maintain a healthy bladder, healthy urinary tract, healthy urine flow, and strong immune system.

2. Another one of the first signs of dog bladder infection is dehydration. If you notice your dog drinking a lot more water than usual, it could be because of a bladder infection.

For example, if it's the middle of winter, your dog has not gotten any exercise, and he is drinking water as if he was very thirsty, you can suspect a urinary problem. Give your dog plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink to help him flush out the harmful bacteria.

3. If there are traces of blood in your dog's urine, you can be almost sure that your dog is suffering from urinary problems.

4. An infection may cause your dog's urine to have a foul smell. Get rid of the bacteria that is causing the bad smell by giving your dog a homeopathic remedy.

5. If your dog is acting lethargic, he could be suffering from a bladder infection. Dog bladder infections suck all of the energy out of dogs and make them act tired and lazy. Your dog may also have a fever.

6. Dog bladder infection may cause incontinence so do not get mad at your dog if you realize that he has urinated all over the house.

Dogs urinate inappropriate areas when they are unable to control their urination. Give your dog a homeopathic remedy to help your dog heal from the infection and to help him regain control of his urination.

7. Bladder infections can be very painful for your dog so if your dog is training to urinate and he looks like he is in pain, you can be sure that he has a urinary infection.

Your dog may also lick his genitals trying to ease the pain. Alleviate your dog's pain by giving him a homeopathic remedy.

Your next step? Take this information and use it as a guide to help you spot changes in your dog's behavior. If you spot a dog bladder infection early, you can avoid a visit to the vet altogether and treat the problem with natural remedies like homeopathy.

Believe me. You will save yourself and your pup a lot of unnecessary trouble and suffering if you do so.

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