Sterillium Alcohol Rub


Brand: Sterillium

Ready to use alcohol based solution, Active against various bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses, Hygienic and Surgical hand disinfection, Increases skin hydration with regular use, Immediate effect, Excellent skin tolerability, One application = 3ml; 170 applications per bottle

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  • Ready to use alcohol based solution
  • Active against various bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses
  • Hygienic and Surgical hand disinfection
  • Increases skin hydration with regular use
  • Immediate effect
  • Excellent skin tolerability
  • One application = 3ml; 170 applications per bottle
  • Description

    BODE Sterillium Alcohol Rub is one of the commonly used alcohol based hand disinfection solution. It has been used by millions around the world for over 50 years due to it reliable antimicrobial activity and skin friendly properties. It is a classic rub-in disinfectant for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. BODE Sterillium is recommended for hand disinfection between patients and procedures. This non-toxic disinfection solution contains skin protectors and behaves like a chemical glove. It has proven to be efficacious against 70 strains of both Gram and Gram -ve bateria, 14 strains of drug resistant bacteria, 15 strains of viruses, 6 strains of Mycobacteria and 7 strains of fungi. It hence has bacteriocidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal, mycobactericidal properties and viricidal action against adenovirus, polyomavirus and rotavirus and enveloped viruses including HIV, HBV and HCV.

    BODE Sterillium has proven to be effective even with a short exposure time of 1.5 minutes. With such a short exposure time Sterillium?s immediate and sustained effect is superior than 3-minute disinfection with other alcohol based disinfectants. This saves approximately 1000 working hours per year.


    Active ingredients in 100g:

    • Propan-2-ol ??????????????- 45.0g
    • Propan-1-ol?????????????? – 30.0g
    • Mecetroniumetilsulfate????? – 0.2g

    Other ingredients:

    • Glycerol 85%
    • Tetradecan-1-ol
    • Fragrances
    • Patent blue V 85%
    • Purified Water

    Key Specifications

    • Appearance??- transparent, light blue
    • Density??????- 0.851g/cm3
    • Flashpoint????- 23oC


    Sterillium Alcohol Rub 5Ltrs ml:

    • 5Ltrs

    Sterillium Alcohol Rub 500 ml:

    • 500ml

    Direction to Use

    • Sterillium is to be rubbed undiluted into the dry hands
    • The entire hands are to be covered during application
    • Special attention to thumbs and fingertips
    • Should be drawn from an easy to use dispenser
    • The dispenser should ideally be elbow operated
    • Hygienic hand disinfection ? 30 seconds
    • Surgical hand disinfection ? 1.5 minutes

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