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Unique gel with natural enzyme fractions, Selectively softens the infected dentin in few seconds that can be scraped off by gentle excavation using a spoon excavator, Doesn impact sound dentin structure, Natural anti- inflammatory and analgesic compound formulation, Single sitting application, Best quality, cost effective

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  • Unique gel with natural enzyme fractions
  • Selectively softens the infected dentin in few seconds that can be scraped off by gentle excavation using a spoon excavator
  • Doesn impact sound dentin structure
  • Natural anti- inflammatory and analgesic compound formulation
  • Single sitting application
  • Best quality, cost effective
  • Description

    V- CARIE- SOLVE is a chemo mechanical caries removal (CMCR) agent containing a purified enzyme derived from the plant Caprica Papaya (papaya) along with added benefit of therapeutic essential oils. This gel system is specially designed for removal of carious dentin by using only the hand instruments and minimizing the use of rotary instruments. It can also be used after conventional cavity preparation for removing the caries remnants in the inaccessible areas. It is useful for anxious patients, uncooperative children, wide cavities, carious lesions encroaching the pulp and teeth indicated for indirect pulp capping.

    Indications :

    • V-CARIE- SOLVE selectively dissolves Carious Dentin.
    • V- CARIE- SOLVE preserves healthy Dentin.
    • V- CARIE- SOLVE minimizes the use of Rotary Instruments
    • Removes carious Dentin only by using hand instruments.
    • Key Specifications

      Composition :Papaya Extract, Chloramine, Clove oil, Permitted colors and Preservatives etc.


    • 2 x 2gm Syringe With Disposable Micro Applicators
    • Direction of use

      • Remove hard substance such as enamel or old fillings with the use of drill
      • Put 1 or 2 drops of V-CARIE- SOLVE in to the space provided in the inner tray.
      • Apply the gel to the carious dentin using applicators
      • Soak the caries generously in V- CARIE- SOLVE
      • Wait for 30 -60 seconds. The chemical process will soften the caries.
      • Scrap off the softened carious dentin using a multi star head hand instrument. Avoid flushing or drying the cavities.
      • If the lesions soaked with V-CARIE-SOLVE is not free from caries, continue scrapping. Repeat until the surface feels hard.
      • When the cavities are free from caries, wipe the cavities with the moistened cotton pallet or rinse it with the lukewarm water.
      • Restore the tooth with the suitable filling material.

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