Exercise to Combat Disease


Here's another benefit of a proper exercise routine, prevention of disease, including cancer. A recent study that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that risk of cancer was cut in half for people who engaged in high intensity exercise, the higher the intensity the lower the risk.

The types of exercise they refer to as high intensity would certainly not include jogging or traditional cardio. That is exercise at a more moderate even pace and not at all included when talking about high intensity.

High intensity type of exercise can be done with many different activities the key is creating an oxygen debt so at the end of a short burst of activity you are gasing for breath. It can be done with a myriad of exercises. Sprinting would be the most obvious one but not everyone can run sprints. You can adapt it to any exercise though, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, jumping rope, riding a bike, you name it. You just need to get creative with it. But remember the key is that after a few seconds or up to a minute or two you are gasing for breath. Then you take a short break and do it again, repeating about 5-6 times and you have completed your high intensity workout.

Naturally those five to six sets of exercise do not have to be the same, for example, you could start with a set of push-ups until you got winded, then jump into the pool and swim 2 laps at full speed. Then after a two minute rest do a set of jumping jacks, etc. You can get as creative as you want. It makes for a fast workout and it takes the boredom out of just doing the same activity like jogging. Besides that, it's way more effective in terms of weight loss and for your overall health.

The reason that high intensity workouts help to prevent cancer and other diseases is that it floods the cells with life-giving oxygen. Oxygen is the basic fuel for cell metabolism. If you do not have it, energy production drops and the cells lose their ability to repair DNA. Low oxygen levels in the cells – chronic hypoxia – is a cause of chronic disease, especially cancer.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, we are a society of couch potatoes. So the level of oxygen rich blood for most people is very low. This makes us more susceptible to disease. Most people when they do exercise cardio, such as jogging. That does not raise the oxygen levels enough to help prevent disease. The key is a high intensity workout.

We all have known for a very long time that exercise improves the cardiovascular system. And many in the world of sports and sports medicine and naturopathic medicine have suspected that the same was true for cancer prevention and other diseases. But now it is nice to have it confirmed for others with a study published in a respected medical journal.

So get busy and have fun with your high intensity workout and cut your cancer risk in half!

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