What Is The Best Penis Size To Make A Woman Reach Multiple SCREAMING Orgasms?

What Is The Best Penis Size To Make A Woman Reach Multiple SCREAMING Orgasms?


Wondering what the best penis size is that will make your significant other not just reach multiple orgasms, but screaming orgasms as well? Well, if you take the time out of your day and read on you’ll discover what exactly makes women go absolutely insane. Once I found out the truth about what women truly wanted, I went and naturally increased my penis size to reach that size women desired most. What happened after I naturally increased my size is something that has turned my sex life around 180 degrees for the better. I’ll also talk about that a little later as well.

But first…

Let’s go over the 3 different sizes most men have.

1.) You have the under 5 inch erected class. With this size, it is going to be extremely difficult trying to bring a woman to an orgasm. In fact, it is pretty much impossible with just intercourse alone. There is going to have to be a lot of foreplay involved and you are going to have to last for quite some time to make her “maybe” reach an orgasm.

2.) You have the 5-6 inch class. This is the class I was in (which was 5 1/2 inches). Men who are in this class pretty much deal with what men in the first class above are dealing with.

3.) You have the average 6-6.5 inch class. If your erected size is in this class, then you should be able to make a woman reach an orgasm… provided that you can last long during sex.

So, with those 3 classes above, you can clearly see that if you lack significant size, you are going to have to make it up somewhere else (being able to last longer during sex, being an expert in foreplay, etc.).

Now, let’s talk about what women really want.

A.) What turns women on?

What will make women get aroused is a large flaccid (non-erected) hanging size and an erected penis size that is long, thick, hard, straight shaped (no banana curve), and muscular-looking (veins).

B.) What size makes her orgasm?

Through countless hours of research and surveys done by several organizations, the penis size that makes women orgasm with ease is anything between 7-9 inches. Anything above that, for most women, can be painful and unpleasant.

C.) What makes her reach MULTIPLE orgasms?

To get your significant other to reach MULTIPLE orgasms, it’s not just the length that’s important. You also have to have a thicker penis, a harder erection, a bigger penis head, and you have to be able to last long during sex.

When you have ALL of those things with your manhood, that’s when you can certainly have her desiring sex quite often… to say the least!

What happened for me once I grew bigger?

When I took the appropriate steps to NATURALLY increasing my size by 2 inches in 8 weeks (which was with NATURAL penis exercises by the way), my sex life took a 180 degree turn for the better. I’m lasting long during sex, my significant other is having multiple screaming orgasms, and my confidence level is through the roof.

How should I go about growing bigger?

Well, the best advice I can give is to stay natural (such as with the method I chose to do). Unnaturally trying to enlarge your size not only is ineffective, it is also dangerous (side-effects, potential diseases, deformity with your penis, and more), and can be very costly (such as with pills, expensive tools, and surgical procedures).

When you go with a natural method, you obtain ALL of those benefits I mentioned above… without side-effects and your results will last for life. This is because natural methods are based around providing you with FULL enlargement… not just increasing length, OR thickness, OR firmness, etc. When you just focus on one aspect, you’ll more than likely run into problems (and SERIOUS problems at that).

It’s just like exercising your body. If you spend majority of your time working your biceps and neglecting other areas of your body, not only will you look ridiculous, you’ll also cause imbalances with your body… which will lead to injury, poor body functions, and more.

So, if you want to make your sex life something special, I highly recommend that you naturally increase your size to around 7-9 inches, and make sure you choose a method that also enhances other areas of your manhood as well. Doing this will certainly have your significant other reaching orgasms you and her will never forget.

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